Infrastructure development key to Morocco’s economic growth

26 Sep 2021

Infrastructure development key to Morocco’s economic growth

Morocco is investing billions in new infrastructure and key sectors to boost economic recovery and growth. A third of this investment will go towards its energy sector followed by the water sector with thirty per cent.

MOROCCO is investing significantly in its infrastructure to promote economic growth and boost its citizens’ livelihood, including $25.5 billion into mining resources and $18 billion into 20 new dams and reservoirs.
The public organisation National Office of Hydrocarbons and Mining (ONHYM) represents the country’s interests in exploring and producing hydrocarbons and mining resources. The $25 billion Nigeria-Morocco gas pipeline and the $500 million Anchois gas field initiative are currently under consideration.

The Morocco 2020-2027 priority programme for drinking water supply and irrigation has broken ground, with the first of five dams in phase one to be constructed by February 2027. The $9 billion initial phase will see dams developed in Oued Lakhar, Taghzirt, Tamri and Alkhandro. The government calls for construction on a total of 20 dams and water reservoirs across the country.

The $1 billion Agadir-Tiznit high-speed train is currently in the study phase, while planning is underway on the $2 billion Marrakech-Agadir high-speed train and $30 million Tendrara export oil and gas pipeline. Bidding has also opened on the $1 billion Tiznit-Mauritanian-Morocco border high-speed train. Another $2.75 billion transport infrastructure is under construction. Noteworthy projects are:

  • The Tiznit-Dakhla highway
  • Nador West Med Port
  • Morocco railway project master plan
  • Casablanca tram lines T3 and T4

The $375 million Mohammed VI Tower in Rabat is on track to open its doors by May 2022. The mixed-use building will reach 250m across 55 floors and bring 102,800 square meters of space to the market.

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