Comoros is a volcanic archipelago in East Africa. It has a population of 0.9 million. Using ABiQ’s forecasting tool, we can predict it will grow by 22% and cross 1.1 million over the next decade.

The economy is driven by subsistence agriculture, fishing, and exports of vanilla, cloves, and ylang-ylang. The government faces numerous challenges that inhibit economic growth including limited opportunities for industrial development, political unrest, and lack of natural resources. In 2019, Comoros had a GDP of $1.5 billion or around $1,350 per capita.

Power and Water:

Around 80% of the population has access to grid electricity. Comoros is shifting its focus to renewable energy and requires funding from private and international investors. We expect it will require 10 megawatts of electricity capacity over the next 10 years to maintain the current access rate.

Over 80% of Comoros has access to basic water but the coverage is not consistent throughout the archipelago. Rural areas depend on rainwater which is also getting affected due to climate changes. A growing population is also going to increase pressure on depleting resources. Using our business intelligence tool, we are able to predict a need for 15 million cubic metres of additional potable water per annum by 2030 to meet the increasing demand.


We expect the country will require an additional 25,000 square metres of retail space to meet the demands of a growing population over a period of 10 years.


The government is working with the World Bank and other international donors to help improve its healthcare sector. The sector has seen some improvement but needs further investment in the development of additional facilities and expertise. ABiQ expects it will need one additional hospital by 2030 to meet the current challenges. 

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Population in 2020 

0.9 million 

Population by 2030 

1.1 million 

Population growth from 2020 to 2030 

22 % 

GDP 2019 (est)

$ 1.5 bn 

Electricity Capacity required by 2030 

10 MW 

Additional Potable Water required per annum by 2030 

15 million m3 

Additional retail by 2030 

25,000 m2 

New Hospitals required by 2030 


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