Western Africa has more than $16 billion in active water projects

West Africa’s population will grow 28 percent by 2030. Pressure on supplying potable water will only increase over the next decade. Countries in West Africa are investing more than $16 billion to collect and treat water resources.

The population in West Africa increase to 515 million by 2030, or more than 28 percent. This rapid growth, coupled with an increase in water consumption during COVID-19, are increasing the pressure on water infrastructure.  Projects worth more than $16 billion is currently underway with almost $14 billion already in the construction phase.

Around 50 percent of these projects are funded by governments. Only 10 percent is developed on a Public-Private-Partnership basis.  Heavily indebted governments and dwindling cash reserves will likely result in an increase in the number of PPP projects in the water sector.  The largest financier of water projects in West Africa is The Export-Import Bank of China. It is involved with close to $11 billion of projects or a market share of 46 percent of the water projects in West Africa.

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