17th November 2020 – African Business Intelligence (ABiQ) and Mark Sclaire Sales Training and Motivation joined hands together to help businesses that want to make the most of ABiQ’s unique forecasting and business development tool and equip their teams with the right sales skills.

Clients signing up for ABiQ’s annual package will get 2 hours of training with Mark Sclaire Sales Training and Motivation as a bonus.

Training sessions with Mark Sclaire will help you:

  • Improve your sales skills to close more business and increase revenue
  • Highlight the challenges you face and overcome obstacles
  • Build morale within the team
  • Prioritise your time so that you work smarter
  • Understand your client’s objections that will lead to closing the ‘so close’ business

About Mark Sclaire:

With over 15 years of experience in sales, Mark Sclaire is one of the leading sales trainers in UAE. He believes in modern interactive training that will keep your teams energized and enthusiastic. Mark has a passion for sales and he is on a mission to help you and your time to get the confidence needed to win big. For more details, visit http://marksclaire.com.

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