Saudi Arabia has more than $19 billion of active Water Projects

Saudi Arabia will spend more than $1.8 billion on water projects during 2021. The Kingdom has a pipeline of more than $19 billion of active water projects with $13.5 billion still in the pre-execution phase.

A booming population and megacities under construction, Saudi Arabia is investing to future-proof its water infrastructure. There is a total of $18 billion of active projects, $5.5 billion of which is currently under construction and a further $13.5 billion still unawarded.

ABiQ estimates the future cash flow on water projects will peak in mid-2022. During 2021, Saudi will spend an estimated $1.8 billion on these projects. Should all projects proceed as planned, cash flow will increase to more than $8 billion over 2022. Saudi Arabia will be the largest spender on water infrastructure in the Middle East and Africa.

The largest developer in Saudi Arabia’s water sector is the Saudi Water Partnership Company, with more than half of the active projects. The largest contractor is Abengoa, with 17 per cent of the market share.

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