By 2030 Cameroon will educate 1.6 million more children than in 2020

Cameroon’s education system will have to educate 1.6 million additional children by 2030. An estimated 41,000 classrooms are needed to accommodate the growth. 

Cameroon’s population is growing at more than 27 per cent over the following ten years. This rapid growth will push the existing education system to a breaking point. By 2030 there will be an estimated 1.6 million more children of school-going age.

To accommodate the increase in school-going children, an estimated $820 million will be required to build 41,000 classrooms. This estimate is based on using the UNESCO standard of no more than 40 children per classroom.

The additional investment in education infrastructure will create employment for approximately 50,000 professionals. Not only for new teaching staff but administrators and regulators as well. Building the new infrastructure will generate employment opportunities, and then it needs to be maintained. All these new employment opportunities will generate an estimated $100 million in income tax revenues for the government.

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