Top 5 Transport Projects in Africa

Rapid population growth and vast natural resources drive investment in Africa’s transport infrastructure, with $22 billion of projects currently being tendered.

The case for investing in Transport infrastructure

Africa is arguably the continent with the weakest transport infrastructure. Africa has the fastest-growing population and the largest natural reserves, yet, moving goods and people can be a logistical nightmare.

It has a population of close to 1.4 billion people and growing at 2.3 per cent per year. By 2050, Africa will have close to 2.5 billion people and the youngest population in the world.

Unlike Europe or the United States, Africa has no integrated rail or road network. Except for countries such as South Africa or Egypt, most countries need to invest heavily to develop their transport infrastructure.

Top 5 Transport projects

The transport sector in Africa currently has $22 billion of transport projects in the tendering or bidding phase. Below are five projects worth noting due to their impact on the communities they will serve.

Fourth Mainland Bridge

This project is a $2.2 billion project that will improve the flow of goods and people in Africa’s second-most populous city. The Ministry of Works and Housing is developing the project and partly funded by the Africa Finance Corporation

Cairo Metro Line 4 Phase 2

Developed by Egypt’s National Authority for Tunnels, this section will have 16 stations, and the project has an estimated budget of close to $2 billion. The Japan International Cooperation Agency partly finances it.

Matakong Port

The port of Matakong, located in Guinea, is part of the larger Simandou iron mine project. It is a deepwater port and will be used to export iron ore from the Simandou mine.

Macuse Port

The Macuse port in Zambesia province, Mozambique, is developed by the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The port will have a capacity to handle bulk cargo ships up to 150,000 deadweight tonnes (DWT) and additional facilities for containers.

Mombasa Gate Bridge

The Mombasa Gate Bridge developer is the Kenyan National Highways Authority and partly financed by the Japan International Cooperation Agency. It is a 1.4 km long bridge that will connect Mombasa Island with the mainland.

For more information about these projects or a full list of transport projects with all their developers, financiers, contractors and consultants as well as contact details, please contact us here.

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