Over $1.5 billion of active healthcare projects in East Africa

3 Jan 2021

East Africa has more than $1.5 billion of active healthcare projects

There are currently more than $1.5 billion of active healthcare projects in east Africa. With a booming population set to increase by more than 28 per cent, COVID-19 laid bare a fragile health-care system.

East Africa’s population will increase by 28 per cent over the next decade to cross 570 million. In addition to the booming population, COVID-19 exacerbated existing shortcomings in the region’s healthcare system.

To maintain the current standard of health-care, new facilities with more than 150,000 beds needed to over the next decade. Building this healthcare infrastructure will require an estimated investment of $38 billion. Currently, new facilities with only around 5,000 beds in capacity are under construction of being developed at an estimated $1.5 billion cost.

Not only is the physical infrastructure required, but healthcare professionals are also needed. ABiQ estimates more than 22,000 physicians will be necessary for East Africa alone. World-class training facilities are required to ensure healthcare standards improve across the region.

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