Ethiopia’s forecasted 2030 growth

Mar 26, 2020 | 2030 Forecast, Ethiopia, Forecast, Markets

Population set to grow over 16 million over the next decade, to exceed 128 million people. This will increase the demand for electricity, housing, retail, education and healthcare.

ABiQ’s forecasting tool has predicted that Ethiopia will see a 12.5% increase in population by 2030, with the country set to play home to over 16 million additional people bringing its total to over 128 million.

Its latest GDP stands at nearly US $91 billion, around $812 per capita. Its economy is agriculturally based and makes up the bulk of its exports.

Electricity demand will reach 4.8GW and there will be a requirement to develop 9.3 million new housing units. On top of this, an estimated 1.7 million square metres of retail space will be needed.

Over 19.2 million children will be going to school. To support population growth, Ethiopia will need an additional 108 new hospitals and 3,100 new physicians to maintain the current standard of living.

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Population in 2020 112 million 
Population by 2030 128 million 
GDP 2019 US $91 bn 
Electricity Capacity required by 2030 4,844 MW 
Potable Water required by 2030 9.3 bn cm3 
New housing by 2030 9.8 million units 
Additional retail by 2030 1.7 million m2 
Children in school by 2030 19.2 million 
New Hospitals required by 2030 108 new hospitals 


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