Frequently Asked Questions

24 Nov 2020

What is ABiQ? 

ABiQ stands for African Business Intelligence. We are the leading business intelligence platform that tracks business opportunities and supply chain activities across the African markets.  We offer the first real applied market and business intelligence for African economies.  

Which industries do you cover? 

We cover multiple industries some of which include; Government, Energy, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Construction, Water, Healthcare, Financial Services, and many others.  

How do you get your data?

We have an experienced team of on-the-ground researchers located across Africa. They conduct primary and secondary research to provide ABiQ with up to date and validated data. We then verify all data before adding it to our platform. We follow a very strict methodology of data gathering in order to grow and maintain our content. 

Why Invest in Africa? 

Africa is a land of opportunities. ​ Africa’s population is set to increase by 25% over the next 10 years. It will grow from 1.340 billion in 2020 to 1.617 billion by 2030 resulting in a demand for more infrastructure. This will result in a huge market with lots of opportunities. The best time to invest in Africa is Now

How is ABiQ different from other platforms?  

ABiQ is the only platform that offers validated data and trusted intelligence on all 54 countries in Africa. We have over a million companies in our directory and opportunities worth trillions of US Dollars.  

Is it a free service?  

No, this is a paid subscription service. Get in touch and we can suggest the package that suits you the best based on your requirement. 

Can I get a trial? 

You can access a light version of our platform by signing up for ABiQ Light. Or contact us now to schedule a live demo of the platform.

Still have questions?

Our team is ready to help.

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