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ABiQ Partnered with GIFS to help identify viable projects and match financiers that will ensure the best possible outcome for all stakeholders

ABiQ Partners with Global Islamic Financial Services Firm

ABiQ signed an MoU with Global Islamic Financial Services Firm (GIFS) to provide financing and investment for infrastructure projects, Government projects, and private equity deals.

Under this agreement, ABiQ will collect and analyse project data which will help identify investment and financing opportunities for GIFS to provide funding and investment.

ABiQ is tracking over US$6 Trillion worth of active project opportunities in Africa and the Middle East, including critical information such as ultimate business owners and decision-makers. Through its analytical capability, ABiQ identifies the top developers, contractors, and consultants in any Middle East and African market and sector, helping to minimise risk during the development period.

Projects in the following sectors are more likely to receive funding:

  • Agriculture/Food processing
  • Healthcare
  • Power
  • Water
  • Hospitality
  • Real estate/Housing
  • Infrastructure

How can you submit your project?

This is an exciting opportunity for all project owners who are looking for funding. You can submit your project details using the form below, and the team at ABiQ will go through the project details. Once it meets the required criteria, ABiQ will get in touch with you.

Please note that the minimum value of the project has to be $20 million. Projects below that will not be considered for funding.

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