Half a million homes required in Chad by 2030

3 Nov 2020

Half a million homes need in Chad by 2030

With an estimated deficit of 200,000 homes and a projected demand of 300,000 homes for new entrants, Chad will have to invest close to $1 billion into its housing sector.

Chad’s population of 16.5 million will grow by 32 percent to 21.7 million over the next 10 years.  In addition to the population growth, rapid urbanisation is adding to the growing demand for housing.  Current estimates show a deficit of roughly 200,000 homes.  Adding the 300,000 that will be required due to urbanisation and the increase in population, about 500,000 homes should be built by 2030.  

ABiQ estimates that Chad will have to invest about $1 billion into its housing market over the next 10 years.  This will allow Chad to address one of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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