Housing demand in Ethiopia

30 Aug 2020

Ethiopia has a population of 115 million. Using its unique forecasting and business intelligence tool, ABiQ predicts the population will increase by 26% and reach 145 million by 2030.

This increase in population will boost the demand for additional homes with 20-30-year-olds entering the housing market.  ABiQ believes Ethiopia will require an additional 900,000 new homes, ignoring current deficits, to meet the demand over the next decade.

Investment required 

With construction costs varying across the Eastern African region, we used an average cost of construction of $37,500 for a 50 square meter affordable house. Using this estimated cost means the region will require $33.8 billion to construct 900,000 homes.

Population Growth Rate 2021-2030 (%)

Burundi 32.6
Djibouti 13.0
Eritrea 19.6
Ethiopia 26.1
Kenya 23.6
Madagascar 28.6
Malawi 29.9
Mozambique 31.8
Rwanda 25.3
Somalia 33.3
South Sudan 23.6
Tanzania 14.2
Uganda 29.9
Zambia 32.3
Zimbabwe 18.4

Source: ABiQ; United Nations

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