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The South African employment landscape: 2022

Poverty is a major challenge that affects the South African economy and the country’s people. Despite significant reforms and government-led improvements, progress is still stagnant. The population percentage below the upper-middle income-country poverty line fell from 68 per cent to 56 per cent between 2005 and 2010.

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Unemployment in South Africa

Assessing Market Risk: 3 things to consider

It’s important to assess the market risk before making any investment decisions. Below, ABiQ discusses what market risk is, and 3 things that you should consider before making an investment decision.

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Analysing market risk

What makes a good business intelligence platform?

A business intelligence (BI) platform is a platform that enables a business to gather, understand and visualise data. The company uses the data on a business intelligence platform to make better business decisions. These critical business decisions are taken to ultimately lead the business towards accelerated business growth and higher profits.

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business intelligence platform

Why invest in Africa? Answering the top questions about investing in Africa

Africa is a land of opportunities. ​Africa’s population is set to increase by 25 percent over the next 10 years. Africa’s population is expected to grow from 1.340 billion in 2020 to 1.617 billion by 2030 resulting in a demand for more infrastructure. This population growth across Africa will further expand a huge market with many opportunities.

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Construction in progress

Business Intelligence: Top 3 Best Practice Guidelines

What is business intelligence? Business intelligence is defined as a set of processes that gather, store and convert data into meaningful information that organisations can use to make data-driven decisions. Business intelligence is used to make strategic, tactical and operational business decisions.

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Business intelligence software

Top 5 Oil and Gas Projects across Africa: 2022

ABiQ outlines Oil and Gas projects across Africa for 2022. Africa’s rich inheritance of oil and gas resources is set to catalyse massive growth across the continent. Africa alone has produced approximately 8% of the total oil produced in the world. Here are some of the major ongoing and upcoming oil and gas projects in Africa.

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Oil rig

Top 5 Projects in Africa

What are the top 5 projects in Africa? Africa is growing at a rapid pace. Much needed infrastructure and other construction projects are needed to meet the needs of a rapidly growing population. Africa has more than USD $2.4 Trillion worth of active projects.

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Africa construction

Top 5 Projects in the UAE

The top 5 projects in the UAE are intriguing and inspiring projects. The UAE has a number of active mega projects covering several sectors. Over the last two decades, the UAE has led the way on mega construction projects globally. While most of those megaprojects are now complete, there are still several world-class projects in development.

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UAE megaproject

5 fast facts about investing in the Seychelles

Investing in the Seychelles is becoming a popular option for many investors. Seychelles is one of the most beautiful tropical island destinations in the world. The group of 115 islands is located off the east coast of Africa.

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Seychelles Island

What is artificial intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence or AI refers to systems that are designed to mimic human thought processes. Artificial intelligence (AI) is based on computer algorithms and machines. These computers or machines are designed to mimic the problem solving and decision making capabilities of a human being.

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Artificial intelligence

Market Overview: Financial Services

The financial services landscape holds more opportunity in Africa than it does in other regions. That may seem a bold statement to make, but while all eyes are usually turned to the US, Europe and China when it comes to financial innovation, Africa is silently growing much faster in the background.

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What is business intelligence?

Business intelligence helps organisations make better business decisions through the use of relevant data. Companies use business intelligence to turn data into valuable insights.

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People talking about business intelligence

The Etihad Rail System

The Etihad Rail project was launched in June 2009. The Etihad Rail project is currently around 70% complete. The Etihad Rail System is set to link the principal centres of population and industry of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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Etihad rail system

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