More than $210 billion of active Transport Projects in sub-Sahara Africa

25 Feb 2021

More than $210 billion of active Transport Projects in sub-Sahara Africa

The youngest population globally requires an enormous investment in infrastructure, with more than $210 billion of active projects in sub-Sahara Africa’s Transport sector.

Sub-Sahara Africa has the youngest population globally. The population growth rate is the highest at 26 per cent over the next ten years. Thus, in 2031, 26 per cent of sub-Sahara Africa’s population will be ten years or younger.

This massive growth will require enormous investment in all aspects of everyday life, from transport infrastructure, food, jobs, healthcare, communications, to name but a few. The tricky part facing governments is where to begin!

Transport infrastructure is high on all governments agenda. A continent where food security is a priority, and moving fresh produce from farm to market is critical in avoiding waste.

Sub-Sahara Africa has more than $210 billion of active transport projects. Sixty-four per cent, or $135 billion, is under construction, with a further $75 billion on the drawing board.

China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) is the largest contractor in the Transport sector in sub-Sahara Africa, with 18 per cent of the projects under construction by value. When analysing the data by the number of projects, CCECC is still the largest contractor with 7 per cent of the market by project count. It is worth noting that 8 of the top 20 contractors in the transport sector are Chinese owned.

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