Over $1.4 billion of active power projects in Sudan

28 Jan 2021

Sudan has more than $1.4 billion of active power projects

Sudan will need 5 Gigawatt of power generating capacity over the next decade to achieve a 100 per cent access to power rate. Active power projects in Sudan amount to more than $1.4 billion.

Sudan is recovering from years of isolation after the United States lifted sanctions in 2020. With a current population of 45 million and set to increase by 26 per cent to more than 56 million, there is an enormous need to invest in the power sector.

In 2020, almost two-thirds of the county had access to reliable power. That means more than 15 million people still live without reliable access to power. With the population growth, Sudan will have to provide power to 26 million people by 2031. To provide 100 per cent access to electricity for the entire population by 2031, Sudan will have to install around 4.5 Gigawatt of power generating capacity at an assumed 80 per cent efficiency. With the exception of hydropower, renewable energy has a much lower efficiency rate than fossil fuels.

There is currently $1.4 billion of active power projects in the pre-execution stage in Sudan. The projects have a combined output of roughly 1 Gigawatt. Well short of the 4 to 5 Gigawatt needed. The largest project is the Solar Park that will add 500 Megawatt of electricity capacity. The Abu Dhabi Fund for Development is funding the Solar Park project.

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