Public-Private-Partnership opportunities in Chad

12 Oct 2021

Public-Private-Partnership opportunities in Chad 

Chad is a landlocked country in Central Africa with six large neighbouring countries. It has a population of almost 17 million. Currently, investment focuses on developing its transportation network.

THE Chad government is considering a variety of infrastructural upgrades and investments that pave the way for public-private-partnership (PPP) agreements in the French-speaking central African country.

The Ministry of Infrastructure Transport and Access is calling for bids to construct and rehabilitate the country’s Ouesso Bangui Mbaikoro road section. The $66 million contract will work on the 118-kilometre portion linking Congo, Central African Republic and Chad with the Economic Community of Central Africa, indicating the environmental studies are now complete.

Under study is the $5.7 billion Cameroon-Chad railway extension connecting N’Gaoundéré in Cameroon and the Chad capital N’Djamena that will complete the multi-modal framework of the transport chain between the two countries. The strategic move will allow the governments to establish coherent platforms for different transport modes and trade flow.

The National Electricity Company of Chad has issued calls for the country’s section of the Cameroon-Chad overhead power lines. The $250 million project will connect the two countries, enable electricity trade, and boost access to electricity in N’Djamena.

The combined project involves constructing a 1024 kilometre, 225 kiloVolt high-voltage main transmission line (786km in Cameroon and 238km in Chad) and the related transformer stations. It will also include constructing rural electrification distribution networks along the corridors to electrify 409 locations in Cameroon and 69 in Chad.

The utility has awarded the $50 million Djermaya solar power farm project to the Aldwych Smart Energies InfraCo Africa joint venture.

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