Somalia requires $1.9 billion for new healthcare facilities

Jan 7, 2021 | Healthcare, Somalia

Somalia requires $1.9 billion for new healthcare facilities. ABiQ tracks healthcare projects in Somalia.

Somalia requires $1.9 billion for new healthcare facilities

Somalia’s population will grow more than 33 per cent over the next decade requiring more than $1.9 billion to develop and improve its fledgeling healthcare infrastructure.

Somalia is on the cusp of emerging from a decades-long crisis. Elections scheduled for December 2021 is a glimmer of peace and hope for the East African nation of 15 million people. Somalia’s population is forecasted to grow by 33 per cent over the next decade.  

Based on UNICEF’s latest data, one in eight children dies before their fifth birthday. There are more than eighty hospitals across the country. With the rapid population growth, ABiQ estimates Somalia will need more than 50 additional hospitals by 2030.

More than $1.9 billion will be required to develop the healthcare infrastructure. This investment excludes the cost to train and educate healthcare professionals to provide essential healthcare services. Over the last few years, NGO’s launched many healthcare initiatives, but success depends on lasting peace and stability.

Some Middle Eastern countries have taken a keen interest in Somalia with large investments sure to follow. Securing investment from the Middle East will boost infrastructure development, including healthcare infrastructure.

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