Southern Africa is investing $400 million in new Hospitals

28 Feb 2021

Southern Africa is investing $400 million in new Hospitals

Decimated by COVID-19, the Southern African healthcare system is investing $400 million in new hospitals. It will need to add 1,600 physicians over the next ten years. Is it enough?

COVID-19 has exposed vulnerabilities in the Southern African healthcare system. A more infectious strain has emerged, which effectively has isolated the region from the rest of the world. Orders for vaccines that proofed less effective against the new strain added delays to rolling out an effective vaccine programme.

The exposed deficiencies, combined with an eleven per cent growth rate, will see Southern Africa’s population increase from roughly 68 million in 2021 to an estimated 76 million by 2031. The region will have to invest in its healthcare infrastructure to improve services.

The region is currently investing a combined $400 million in new hospitals. Not nearly adequate to rectify current failures and support the additional 8 million people by 2031. In addition to adding new facilities, and estimated 1,600 physicians need to be educated and trained, along with thousands of nursing staff.

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