Sub-Sahara Africa has $88 Billion of Energy projects under construction

7 Feb 2021

Sub-Sahara Africa has $88 Billion of Energy projects under construction

Sub-Sahara Africa’s population will grow by more than 26 per cent over the next decade. There are more than $88 billion of power projects under construction to meet ever-increasing power demand.

The access to power rate in Sub-Sahara Africa is less than 60 per cent. Sub-Sahara Africa has a population of more than 1.1 billion. Estimates indicate that the population will grow to more than 1.4 billion, or 26 per cent, by 2031. The 300 million growth in population will require an estimated 11 Gigawatt of electricity. This additional power is ignoring any improvements in the current access to power rate. 

There is currently more than $88 billion of power projects in Sub-Sahara Africa. Kenya has the largest number of projects under construction. By Value, South Africa is investing the most followed by Nigeria in both the value of investment and number of projects.

When measured by the value of projects, the largest developer in Sub-Sahara Africa is South Africa’s ESKOM SOC with close to ten per cent of the market. China’s Sinohydro Corporation is the largest contractor in Sub-Sahara Africa when measuring project value.

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