The Gambia’s population to grow 24% by 2030

26 May 2020

The Gambia is a small country in West Africa. ABiQ predicts its population of 2.4 million will grow by 24% over 10 years to 3 million. 

Agriculture, remittances received from citizens working abroad and tourism make up most of the country’s economy. Trade has seen a boost after the recent opening of the Trans-Gambia bridge. The industry sector is still under development and accounts for less than 15% of the GDP. The Gambia had a GDP of $1.8 billion, or $755 per capita in 2019.

Power and Water

Only a third of the population has access to electricity. The Gambia aims to increase access to electricity to 100% by 2030. As a result, they are focussing on extending the grid network and using renewable energy. This will require investment from both private and public investors. We expect it will require an additional electricity capacity of 25 megawatts within the next 10 years to help meet the demand of the population growth.

The government has been taking initiatives to improve overall access to safe water. Over 60% of the population has access to improved sanitation but a lot needs to be done as the existing water reserves deplete. We expect it will require 42 million cubic metres of additional potable water per annum in the coming decade to meet the needs of a growing population.


The retail sector in The Gambia has seen a lot of interest from the younger population. The sector will require further development as the population grows in the coming years. We expect it will require 65,000 square metres of additional retail space within 10 years.


The healthcare sector in The Gambia has experienced a lot of challenges and needs more investment to help the country achieve its healthcare development goals. We predict the country will need 4 additional hospitals by 2030 to help improve the current healthcare standards.

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The Gambia

Population in 2020 

2.4 million 

Population by 2030 

3.0 million 

Population growth from 2020 to 2030 

24 % 

GDP 2019 (est)

$ 1.8 bn 

Electricity Capacity required by 2030 

25 MW 

Additional Potable Water required per annum by 2030 

42 million m3 

Additional retail by 2030 

65,000 m2 

New Hospitals required by 2030 



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