The week that was, July 3rd, 2020

7 Jul 2020

Here is a recap of the major activities that happened in Africa in the last 7 days. 

Central Africa

  • Over the next 3 years, Angola will receive USD 82.6 million from the Global Fund to fight malaria, HIV/AIDS, and tuberculosis.
  • The African Development Bank approved 88m Euros to Cameroon to assist in the fight against COVID-19.

Eastern Africa

  • The Ministry of Urban Development & Construction in Ethiopia has submitted a draft proposal for establishing an executive body that will approve, supervise, and inspect buildings in all urban centers. 
  • The Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise is converting its Sululta Strategic Reserve Depot to supply benzene only.
  • Kenya’s tourism sector has so far lost more than $751.88 million in revenue or about half of last year’s total, due to COVID-19.
  • Kenya Railways and Afristar are not able to push for an early handover of operations of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR).
  • On Saturday, The World Bank approved a grant of $117 million to support Mozambique’s urban development and decentralization project.
  • Rwanda’s government has approved the budget and is preparing to pay contractors their arrears.
  • USAID signed an agreement worth $643.8 million over 5 years to Support Rwanda’s Transformative Development program.
  • The World Bank has approved a $15 million loan to support Seychelles’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The Somali government announced that suspended domestic flights will resume operations from July 5th.
  • Somalia’s government received a $40 million International Development Assistance (IDA) grant part of the Emergency Locust Response Program.
  • Strong demand for automotive vehicles in Tanzania resulted in several domestic and foreign manufacturers planning to expand their production bases in the country.
  • The World Bank declared Tanzania a lower-middle-income country. It will now have access to international credit.
  • According to Bank of Uganda, the country’s import bill has dropped more than 46 percent to the lowest in three-years.
  • Uganda’s government elevated seven municipalities to city status.  This is part of Uganda’s 2040 vision.

Northern Africa

  • Egypt requested the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution on efforts to resolve a dispute over Ethiopia’s new hydroelectric Renaissance dam on the Blue Nile.
  • It also announced the discovery of gold deposits in the southeast of the country with an estimated recoverable reserve of 1 million ounces.
  • Egypt also reopened major tourist attractions and restarted international flights on July 1st.
  • Tribes in eastern Libya agreed to the resumption of oil production and possible exports after the resumption of negotiations between the U.S. and regional governments.
  • Russia announced the reopening of its embassy in Libya although its main staff will temporarily be based in neighboring Tunisia.

Southern Africa

  • Botswana tapped into its strategic fuel reserves to alleviate shortages as a result of import delays during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Potatoes grown in Malta started a two-month-long journey to Namibia to help address the food crisis in the country.
  • More South African airports opened as the aviation industry resume flights.
  • Mobile operator MTN Group joined Vodacom Group and Rain by launching its 5G network across the major cities in South Africa.
  • South Africa’s central bank announced its first current account surplus in 17 years during the first quarter of 2020.
  • Total SA has deployed the Odfjell rig to South Africa to look for more oil near a massive discovery about 175 km offshore.

Western Africa

  • Ghana inaugurated 2 water projects which will provide potable water to communities in the Central Region.
  • Guinea-Bissau’s President dismissed five ministers including those of defense and the interior.
  • Liberia officially opens to Commercial flights on June 29th.
  • Liberia’s made headway to gain membership to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.
  • Abuja Airport in Nigeria has re-opened with Strict COVID-19 Safety Protocols
  • The Federal Executive Council approved $20 million for the construction of roads in Abuja.
  • The Infrastructure Concession and Regulatory Commission (ICRC) announced that the Public-Private Partnership have attracted about $8bn in the past 10 years to Nigeria.
  • Senegal lifted its state of emergency to support the struggling economy.

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