Transport Projects in North Africa

20 Sep 2020

North Africa consists of 7 mostly arid countries including Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan and Tunisia. It currently has a population of slightly over 246 million. Using ABiQ’s unique forecasting tool, we predict the population will cross 288 million by 2030.

Transport Projects Forecast

North Africa has more than $97 billion of active transport infrastructure projects according to Business Intelligence platform ABiQ.  These projects include rail, ports, airports and highway infrastructure.  These projects are currently either under construction or in the design phase. Get in touch with us for detailed information on these projects.

Transport infrastructure, and particular road infrastructure, will need to be developed to cope with the growing population. As per our forecast, more than 600,000 kilometers of paved road infrastructure will have to be added to maintain the current standard of transport access.

Value of Transport Infrastructure projects in North Africa – Source: ABiQ (Aug 2020)

Algeria $15.3 billion
Egypt $69.5 billion
Libya $1.5 billion
Morocco $6.0 billion
Sudan $2.6 billion
Tunisia $2.7 billion
Total $97.5 billion

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