ABiQ’s forecasting tool has estimated that Zambia’s population is set to grow by nearly 19% over the next 10 years, bringing its total to 22.6 million. 

The country’s GDP is about to hit US $28 billion, equalling around $1,500 per capita. Like Tanzania, its economy is mainly agricultural and mining based, which makes up the bulk of its exports. 

With an estimated electricity demand reaching 860MW over the next decade, Zambia is expected to need 1.4 million new housing units developed and 500 thousand square metres of retail space. 

The number of children in school is estimated to increase to 6.7 million children. Assuming a ratio of 30 children per teacher, that creates careers for an additional 63,000 new teachers over the next decade. 

ABiQ believes that Zambia will need an additional 30 hospitals and 850 new physicians to maintain the current standard of living and support the current healthcare industry. 

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Population in 2020   18.4 million  
Population by 2030   22.6 million  
GDP 2019   US $26.7 bn  
Electricity Capacity required by 2030   860 MW  
Potable Water required by 2030   1.6 bn cm3 
New housing by 2030   1.4 million units  
Additional retail by 2030   500 thousand m2 
Children in school by 2030   6.7 million  
New Hospitals required by 2030   30 hospitals  
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