Take the "hunch" out of African markets

ABiQ provides intelligence for developing markets from primary sources.
Let your strategy be guided by data and analysis from our tools focused on African market knowledge.

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We continuously monitor relevant business events and send a monthly summary to keep you up to date with changes in the African business landscape!  We will also provide you with valuable updates to forecasts we develop covering the major infrastructure projects in the markets we track.

Tailored market overviews

Developing markets are notoriously difficult to navigate. Our tools help you forecast growth and calculate risk based on key social, political and economic factors.

In 2050 the African continent will have the largest population at working age in the world!  Where is your organisation lookfing for future growth?  Contact us for unique market insights into business opportunities.

In a world of information overload and fake news, who and what can you really trust? Businesses need to be able to cut through the noise and act decisively to unlock opportunities and quickly determine if a business prospect is valid.

Harenessing Community Knowledge

While we rely on internal staff to capture and vet core data, we aim to broaden the opportunity for local participation by providing local insight through participation programs.

Gain access and provide updates to relevant regional information (by city) such as skilled & unskilled labour rates, fuel prices, electricity rates and more.

Organisations are validated by ABiQ annually. The validation process includes physical address, telephone and GPS coordinates. Thereforeus ABiQ has the largest database of trusted information on businesses operating on the African continent.

People associated with organisations are validated through our in-country network.




We validate facilities’ physical address as well as GPS coordinates.

By adding products and services ABiQ can deploy machine learning to assist in demand planning.

We provide the lates trends and movements and or changes in the market place related to organisations right to your inbox.




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