New Mining and Industrial growth in Sub-Saharan Africa

3 Feb 2023

Sub-Saharan Africa has more than $108 billion in active mining and industrial projects. The bulk is new mining developments worth more than $42 billion. South Africa has the largest pipeline, with 16.95% or $18.3 billion of active mining and industrial projects. In second place is Zimbabwe, with 10.75% or $11.6 billion in active projects. The DRC is in third place with $10.2 billion in active projects. Except for a new steel mill and cement plant, all the projects in the DRC are new or capacity-increase mining projects.

One of the biggest projects in Zimbabwe is the new Mhondoro Ngezi Platinum mine. It is estimated to have a development budget of $4.2 billion. On the pre-execution list, there are several new industrial zones. These industrial zones are a new trend across the continent where governments are setting up new industrial zones. These new industrial zones offer incentives to developers intending to attract investment to critical sectors. The hope is that this new investment will boost trade and create much-needed jobs and revenue.

One of the biggest projects in the pre-execution phase is the Liganga Project in Tanzania. Located in the Ludewa district, this project will develop a new iron ore mine and a steel plant that will produce more than 1 million tonnes per annum of steel products.

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