Eswatini need $50 million for new schools

Eswatini will have 56,000 additional pupils by 2030.  Therefore, $50 million is needed for new schools. Consequently, an additional 1,400 educators will also have to be trained and educated.

Eswatini is a small country in Southern Africa bordering South Africa to the north, west & south and Mozambique on the east. It has a population of almost 1.2 million and is estimated to grow by 11.8 percent to reach 1.3 million by 2030.  Therefore, in 2019, Eswatini’s GDP was $4.4 billion or $3,800 per capita. The economy is largely dependent on agriculture, forestry and mining. In 2014 Eswatini spent 7.1 percent of its GDP on education.

Investment required

ABiQ estimates that there will be 50,000 additional children of school-going age by 2030.  As a result, Eswatini will require $50 million to build 1,400 classrooms using a maximum ratio of 40 children per class. Further, there will be 1,700 additional teachers and teaching assistants needed over the next decade.

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Literacy rate in Southern Africa – Word Bank

Country Year of last survey Literacy rate (percent)
Botswana 2013 87
Eswatini 2018 88
Lesotho 2014 77
Namibia 2018 92
South Africa 2017 87



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