$90 million investment required for schools in the Republic of the Congo

Brazzaville will require $90 million to invest in additional school capacity. The Republic of the Congo’s education system needs to build 4,300 new classrooms to accommodate 175,000 new pupils.

The Republic of the Congo is often confused with its South-Eastern neighbour, The Democratic Republic of the Congo. Though, with a much smaller population of just five million, it is still growing at more than 27 per cent over the next ten years.

By 2030, the country’s education system will have to cope with 175,000 more students than 2020. Using UNESCO’s standard of 40 children per classroom, the Republic of the Congo will require 4,300 new classrooms and more than 5,000 education professionals.

Constructing the 4,300 classrooms will cost an estimated $90 million, assuming a cost of $20,000 per classroom. In addition to the education professionals required, there will be employment opportunities for tradesman such as builders, carpenters and plumbers during the construction and maintenance phases.  

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