Sub-Sahara Africa has $550 billion Projects under construction

The civil construction sector is the largest segment of projects currently under construction in sub-Sahara Africa. Transport, Oil & Gas and Energy sector projects take the top four positions. There are more than $550 billion of projects currently under construction. Sub-Sahara Africa has more than $550 billion of projects under construction. The largest sector is civil construction, accounting for more than 31 per cent of the active projects by value. Twenty-four per cent of projects currently under construction is in the Transport sector, followed by the Oil and Gas sector, with 23 per cent of the active projects by value. By value, the Energy sector is in fourth place with sixteen per cent of the active projects. By the number of projects, the first two positions do not change. Civil construction remains the largest sector, followed by the Transport sector. However, the market share for both sectors does increase to 35 and 28 per cent, respectively. The Energy sector does jump into third place with 20 per cent of the projects, whilst the Oil and Gas sector drops to fifth place. Nigeria leads the sub-Sahara countries with 27 per cent of the projects by value, followed by South Africa with 13 per cent. When analysing the data by the number of projects, Kenya has most of the sub-Sahara projects market with 15 per cent of the projects. Nigeria is in second place with 11 per cent of the count. For more information on Projects in sub-Sahara Africa, please reach out to us.

Project Sectors by Region in sub-Sahara Africa

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