5 fast facts about investing in the Seychelles

24 May 2022

Investing in the Seychelles is becoming a popular option for many investors. Seychelles is one of the most beautiful tropical island destinations in the world. The group of 115 islands is located off the east coast of Africa. The Seychelles spreads over an area of more than 1 million square kilometres. The island nation has a small population of less than 100,000 people who are predominantly dependent on tourism. That being said, there is still tremendous opportunity for investors in the Seychelles.

1. Openness to forign investment

Seychelles has a positive attitude towards foreign investment. The government does, however, reserve certain types of business activity for local investors only. For a detailed list of businesses in which only Seychellois may invest read here.

2. Investment incentives 

There is a range of legislation that provides incentives for investment across a number of different sectors. These regulations and investment-focused sets of legislation include: the Agriculture and Fisheries (Incentives) Act 2005, the Tourism Incentives Act, the Seychelles International Trade Zone Act, and fiscal incentives as provided through  the Investment Code. While most of these incentives are in the form of tax credits, tax holidays, and duty-free access for the import of materials required for initial investment, they are extremely  good incentives for investors to consider.

3. Transparency 

The National Tender Board of Seychelles publishes all tenders on its website and in local newspapers. This publication process is undertaken to  promote transparency throughout the public procurement system. This publication process also publicises contracts that have been awarded and includes the both name of successful bidders and the bid amounts.

4. Reduced corporate tax rate

The Government of Seychelles has taken regulatory measures to create a suitable environment for foreign investment by introducing a number of incentives. These include a reduced corporate tax rate.

5. Diverse portfolio of opportunities

Investors can explore the possibilities of investing in a number of attractive sectors in Seychelles, including tourism, agriculture, technology, the blue economy, and financial services.

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