Algeria’s population will exceed 50 million by 2030

19 Apr 2020

Algeria is the largest country in Africa and has a population of almost 44 million. Using ABiQ’s forecasting tool, we predict that the population will grow by 15% in the next 10 years to cross 50 million.  

Algeria is the 6th largest gas exporter in the world. Its economy is based on oil and gas exports and gets affected by price fluctuations. The GDP in 2019 was $185 million or almost $4,000 per capita.

Power and water

Algeria’s electricity consumption has been steadily increasing in recent years. To meet the additional requirement, Algeria plans to build solar plants. Looking at the growing population and its needs, we predict the country will require 250 megawatts of additional electricity capacity by 2030.

Water is a scarce commodity in Algeria. Over 90% of the country is made up of arid land. The government has taken many initiatives and aspires to provide sufficient potable water for the population. We predict an additional 475 million cubic metres per annum of potable water will be required by 2030.


The growing population and their changing lifestyle have helped boost the retail industry. To meet the demand, the country will need an additional 800,000 square metres of retail space.


By 2030, Algeria will have another 2.5 million children in school. This will create demand for an additional 1,200 schools, assuming each school can accommodate 2,000 children.


China has recently announced building a hospital in Algeria to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Although Algeria has made a lot of progress towards improving its healthcare system it will need to build more hospitals. An estimated 37 hospitals will be required by 2030 to maintain the current health standards.

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Population in 2020 43.8 million
Population by 2030 50.3 million
Population growth from 2020 to 2030 15 %
GDP 2019 $ 185 bn
Electricity Capacity required by 2030  250 MW
Additional Potable Water required per annum by 2030  475 million m3
Additional retail by 2030 800,000 m2
Additional Children in school by 2030 2.5 million
Additional Schools required by 2030* 1,200
New Hospitals required by 2030 37

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