Angola needs 1,500 new schools by 2030

Apr 20, 2020 | Angola

With a population growth rate of 23% over the next 10 years, Angola needs lots of everything. More than 1,000 schools need to be built to educate the young population.

Angola currently has a population of 32.6 million. ABiQ predicts it will grow to 40 million at a growth rate of 23% over the next decade. 

Being the second-largest oil producer in Africa, Angola’s economy is heavily dependent on oil sector revenues. The GDP was $110 billion in 2019, equal to slightly over $3,000 per capita.

Power and water

The government has been working on increasing power accessibility as it wants to diversify the economy and meet the increasing energy demand of a growing population. According to ABiQ’s forecast, we are able to predict there will be a demand for additional electricity generating capacity of 280 megawatts over the next 10 years. 

As part of its initiative ‘Water for all’, Angola has been investing in infrastructure to ensure access to clean water for its people. Keeping in mind the needs of a growing population, there will be an additional potable water requirement of 543 million cubic metres per annum by 2030.


The modern retail sales sector has been growing in Angola. Many international retailers plan to enter the market and to accommodate them, there will be an additional 800,000 square meters of retail space required by 2030.


Looking at Angola’s high birth rate, we can confidently predict that there will be 3 million additional school-going children in the coming decade. Assuming a school can accommodate 2,000 children, there will be a requirement for almost 1,500 extra schools by that time.


Angola will need additional hospitals to improve healthcare standards as the population grows. We predict there will be a need for 87 additional hospitals by 2030.

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Population in 2020 32.7 million
Population by 2030 40.1 million
Population growth from 2020 to 2030 23 %
GDP 2019 $ 110 bn
Electricity Capacity required by 2030  280 MW
Additional Potable Water required per annum by 2030  543 million m3
Additional retail by 2030 800,000 m2
Additional Children in school by 2030 3.0 million
Additional Schools required by 2030* 1,480
New Hospitals required by 2030 87

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