Central African Republic considers partnerships as it develops infrastructure

7 Oct 2021

Central African Republic considers partnerships as it develops infrastructure

The Central African Republic is one of 16 landlocked countries in Africa. Transport infrastructure is critical to its independence and security, investing almost $1 Billion in infrastructure.

THE Central African Republic (CAR) Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation has plans to invest $523 million into transport infrastructure that potentially allows for private sector investment.

The $300 million upgrades to the Bangui M’poko International Airport is on the cards, which includes expanding the runway from 2600m to 3200m. Being developed by the government and financed by the African Development Bank CAR, Saudi Fund for Development and the US-based IIB Development Group Africa. Construction on the four-year project will likely start in April 2022.

Being one of sixteen landlocked countries in Africa, transport infrastructure is critical to the future security of the Central African Republic. The $223 million Beloko Dry Port initiative aims to construct a dry dock and multi-modal terminal in Beloko. 

Meanwhile, construction continues on the Ouesso Bangui Mbaikoro Road section in the Central African Republic. The project, which will boost transport routes in the region and promote intra-regional trade and movement, involves constructing a 1384 kilometre road running between the Congo, the Central African Republic and Chad. The Central African Republic section extends 724 kilometres with an estimated cost of $376 million.

The Chinese-owned Shanxi Construction Investment Group Company continues developing the $65 million Bangui Solar PV power plant. Located on a 75-hectare site near Danzi, 20km north of Bangui, the plant will have a power generation capacity of 25 MWp.

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