Central Africa’s transport investment

2 Apr 2020

Central Africa present some of the most unreached areas on the African Continent.  With a current estimated population of 178 million people and set to grow by 22% to exceed 218 million by 2030.  This area has also the weakest connected transport network in Africa.  With many villages still unconnected by road, not to mention rail, billions of dollars in investment is required to connect these places and make them accessible markets.  Just to maintain the current standard, a further 600,000 km of road network is required in Central Africa.   

Many of the Central African markets have set tourism as part of the main growth objectives.  However, with the exception of the Central African Republic and Angola, few countries have embarked on improving airport facilities. In 2019 the Central African Republic approached the African Development Bank to support a multi-phase project to improve the Bangui International Airport to meet basic requirements in order to accommodate international operators flying into Bangui. This phase will be followed by a larger phase 2 of the project which will improve overall safety and performance of the facility. 

Angola has embarked on building a new international airport to replace the ageing Quatro de Fevereiro International Airport.  The new Angola International Airport was originally scheduled for completion in 2015/16 but has been delayed to open in 2022.  The main contractor is the China International Fund Limited, registered in Hong Kong. 

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