Djibouti is seeking investors into its tourism facilities

10 Jan 2022

Djibouti is seeking investors into its tourism facilities

LOCATED in the Horn of Africa, the small Republic of Djibouti covers a mere 23,200 square kilometres yet has a host of opportunities to offer investors to the region as it calls for interest in projects worth nearly $600 million.

The government has two goals for developing the $220 million Al Haj Hassan Gouled Aptidon International Airport. It will support regional tourism growth while creating a multimodal synergy between air and sea transport. The project will construct a cargo terminal capable of handling 100,000 tons of air freight annually and 1.5 million passenger capacity. Construction is due for completion in mid-2027.

Phase one of the Port of Djibouti Exhibition and Conference Centre will entail constructing an exhibition centre, conference rooms, a hotel and apartments on the 220,500 square metre site. The initiative forms part of the $513 million Port of Djibouti regeneration project expected to take five years to complete.

Projects worth nearly $940 million are also under construction. These include the $165 million Great Horn Investment Holdings initiative into wind-powered technology, expanding the data centre company’s into the country and the upcoming development of the $23 million Radisson Hotel by Salaam Properties.

Bidding has also opened on the Kamaj Investment-driven $21 million Living Hotel development; a 131-room hotel earmarked for Djibouti City.

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