East Africa needs 550 new hospitals by 2030

11 Mar 2020

As more and more businesses, people and governments invest in the growth of the African economy, the continent will naturally see an increase in tourism and business travel.

Fast forward 10 years and even without an epidemic like Covid19, we’ve forecasted that based on a population of 500 million, East Africa will need to train, develop and employ an additional 15,000 physicians; build and staff 550 new hospitals and add more than 100,000 new hospital beds.

If you combine this with the logistical challenges of reaching villages and more remote areas, and also managing the migration of people over a very large and porous border region, and your extended infrastructure starts to move into roads, power and everything else associated with the management and maintenance of a solid healthcare eco-system.

It’s interesting to note that East Africa’s current population exceeds Europe’s, a continent that’s struggling to get ahead of the virus, so it’s crucial that companies across the world immediately start to explore how they can support the development of East Africa’s healthcare eco-system to support its people and ensure they have facilities, people and medication they need to stay healthy.

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