Egypt to supply 60 MW of electricity to Sudan

Apr 9, 2020 | Egypt, Power, Sudan

Egypt invested heavily in power generation over the last decade and has excess capacity to export.

Over the next decade, ABiQ predicts that Sudan will need an additional 400 MW of electricity to maintain the current access for its ever-growing population. 

An agreement with Egypt will see Sudan benefit from an additional 60 MW through the connection of the two country’s electricity grids, which took place on 3 April 2020. The grid covers Egypt and the northern regions of Sudan and has an interconnecting line 170 kilometres long. 

Egypt has heavily invested in its electricity generating capacity over the last few years. As a result, Egypt has excess electricity generating capacity and is actively seeking ways to export power. 

The country has the third highest population in Africa and will see its own domestic demand increase by about 700 Megawatts by 2030. 

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