Ghana’s population will grow 20% by 2030

16 Apr 2020

ABiQ forecast Ghana’s population to grow by 18% to 36.5 million, from 21 million, over the next 10 years

Ghana has the second-largest economy in West Africa and considered to be one of the fastest-growing economies in 2019 by the IMF. Its GDP in 2019 was $66 billion or around $2,200 per capita.


We estimate that an additional 220 megawatts off power generating capacity will be required by 2030. This will support the government’s intention of providing better economic opportunities and improve industrialization. Based on the government’s support, renewable energy is making inroads.  Rooftop solar growth is in the double digits with local PV panel manufacturing well underway to support this demand.


Consumer purchasing power is increasing as a result of the larger population and improved affluence. Therefore, the demand for retail space will increase. We predict that there will be an additional 800,000 square metres of retail space required by 2030.


Ghana aims to change itself into a ‘learning nation’.  To support this aim, it has developed an education strategic plan. As a result, there will be more schools required to accommodate an additional 800,000 school children by 2030.


The COVID-19 pandemic aside, over the next decade, the healthcare sector will require 40 additional hospitals.  This is required to maintain the current healthcare standard for the growing population.

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Population in 2020 31.0 million
Population by 2030 36.5 million
Population growth from 2020 to 2030 18 %
GDP 2019 $ 66 bn
Electricity Capacity required by 2030  220 MW
Additional Potable Water required per annum by 2030  410 million m3
Additional retail by 2030 600,000 m2
Additional Children in school by 2030 800,000
New Hospitals required by 2030 40

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