Namibia embraces its climate in delivering more power

10 Oct 2021

Namibia embraces its climate in delivering more power

Namibia has more than $24 billion of active projects. With $6 billion of power projects, the country aims to provide power to 100 per cent of its population.

EMBRACING its arid, desert environment, Namibia is investing in solar and wind power plants across the country to support the electricity requirements for its 2.4 million people.

Independent power producer (IPP) United Africa Group (UAG) will invest $257 million into the Diaz Wind Power project in Luderitz. Phase one will generate 44 MegaWatt at a utility-scale through wind power, while phase two will increase capacity to 90 MegaWatt with the entire construction due for completion by October 2022. 

The Natura Energy Globeleq joint venture plans to invest $70 million into the TeraSun Energy Solar PV Power Park with an 81 MegaWatt expected capacity. The park will operate under the Electricity Control Board’s new modified single buyer regulatory framework.

Construction is due to begin in September 2022 and be completed by the following December.

Solar power company Hopsol Africa and IPP Access Aussenkehr Solar One Namibia are each currently constructing power plants worth $32 million, namely the Ombura Solar PV 20MW (in Ombura, Erongo region) and Khan Solar IPP 20MW (located 45km west of Usakos, Khan region) respectively. Both plants will consist of 33,000 panels and 100 inverters.

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