The Republic of Congo will need 7 hospitals by 2030

18 Jun 2020

Republic of the Congo is a country in Central Africa with a population of 5.5 million. ABiQ expects it to grow by 20% over a period of 10 years and reach 6.6 million.

The economy is heavily dependent on the oil sector and subsistence farming. It had a GDP of $12 billion or under $500 per capita in 2019. The government is trying to diversify its economy to avoid its reliance on oil.

Power and Water 

Despite being rich with energy and other natural resources, less than half of the population has access to electricity. The infrastructure was either destroyed or damaged as a result of the civil war.

The country needs to invest in rebuilding its infrastructure for power generation. We expect the country will need 50 megawatts of electricity capacity over the next decade to maintain the current access rate.

A growing population will put more pressure on water resources. We expect the country will need an additional 80 million cubic metres of potable water per annum by 2030 to support the current water access rate.


The Retail sector is strong and continues to attract investment as consumer spending increases. More international retailers will enter the market and we expect the country will need an additional 130,000 square metres of retail space to meet the demand by 2030.


The government is working on improving the current healthcare standards by investing in infrastructure and training health workers. Ebola outbreaks and COVID-19 has further strained the healthcare system. We expect the country will need 7 hospitals by 2030 to maintain the current healthcare performance.

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Republic of the Congo

Population in 2020 

5.5 million 

Population by 2030 

6.6 million 

Population growth from 2020 to 2030 

20 % 

GDP 2019 (est)

$ 12 bn 

Electricity Capacity required by 2030 

50 MW 

Additional Potable Water required per annum by 2030 

80 million m3 

Additional retail by 2030 

130,000 m2 

New Hospitals required by 2030 



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