Uganda’s population to grow nearly 25% by 2030

6 Apr 2020

Uganda’s current population stands at around 45 million peopleABiQ estimates this will increase to approximately 56 million by 2030, that’s nearly a 25% increase over the next 10 years. 

Due to oil more recently being found in the country, the oil sector will naturally see an increase in employment and open up opportunities for Uganda’s citizens to establish careers. The government has started developing upstream and downstream capability to extract and refine the oil for domestic consumption and export. 

With a young population, Uganda will have 14.6 million children of school-going age by 2030. This equates to over 25% of the estimated population increase. 

The country will also require an additional 397,000 housing units to maintain the current status quo. 

Ignoring the current Corona situation, under normal conditions we predict that Uganda will need an additional 390 hospitals and to employ an additional 11,000 trained physicians.  

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Population in 2020   45 million  
Population by 2030   56 million  
GDP 2019   28 bn  
New Electricity Capacity required by 2030   400 MW  
New Potable Water capacity required by 2030   bn cm3 
Children in school by 2030   14.7 million  
New Hospitals required by 2030   72 new hospitals  

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