$150 billion Rail Projects in the Middle East

18 Jan 2023

The Middle East has more than $150 billion of active rail projects. More than a third, or 35%, are in Saudi Arabia. Iraq is in second place with 28% or $43 billion of active rail projects. Oman is in third place with 18% or $27 billion of rail projects. 

Of the $150 billion, $36 billion is under construction, and $114 billion is in various pre-execution phases. The top 5 rail developers are:

  1. General Company for Iraqi Railways
  2. Saudi Railway Company
  3. Arriyadh Development Authority
  4. Oman Railway Company
  5. Etihad Rail

Work on the Baghdad Metro will kick off in 2023. Construction activity based on the current schedule will peak in Q1 2025. Oman Rail and Etihad rail finalised their joint venture to move forward with the $3 billion UAE Oman rail link. Construction work should start in Q3 2024.

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