A $25 Million Nationwide Renewable Cooking Fuel Utility to be Established in Rwanda

The Rwanda Development Board reported that the Rwandan government signed an agreement with KOKO Networks to develop a $25 million nationwide renewable cooking fuel utility

The Rwanda Development Board, also known as the country’s PPP unit, reports that the Rwandan government signed an agreement on 22 March 2022 with KOKO Networks (in partnership with Dalberg) to develop a $25 million nationwide renewable cooking fuel utility. World Bank statistics show that only 1.5% of the population had access to clean cooking fuels and technologies in Rwanda in 2019 (latest available data). In addition, there are 7,000 deaths per year in Rwanda due to household air pollution from dirty cooking fuels such as charcoal and wood, and more than half of these occur among children under five years old – KOKO networks.

Clean cooking is an essential part of Rwanda’s efforts to achieve UN health, gender and economic development goals.” Clare Akamanzi, CEO, Rwanda Development Board

Indeed, not only does this agreement contribute to the achievement of SDG #7 on clean and affordable energy by 2030, but it also supports, as suggested above:

  • SDG #3 on health and well-being, 
  • SDG #5 on gender equality (women and children spend a lot of time collecting wood in the field), 
  • SDG #11 on inclusion, security, resilience and sustainability of cities and human settlements, 
  • SDG #17 on the partnership to achieve the goals and,  
  • most importantly, SDG #13 on urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. 

With this agreement, Rwanda is taking a real leadership position in the fight to protect Africa’s forests by replacing the demand for charcoal from deforestation,” said Greg Murray, CEO of KOKO,

In total, if successfully implemented, this agreement will contribute to the achievement of 6 of the 17 SDGs, in line with the country’s draft Vision 2050 and the National Transformation Strategy 2017-2024.

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