Your business needs to make the right investment choice in the Middle East. That’s why you need ABiQ. 

The Middle East is home to some of the world’s largest mega construction projects and some of the world’s largest oil reserves. The total value of all construction projects in the Middle East is $3.3 Trillion. There are a number of billion-Dollar projects set to develop in the Middle East this year and even more over the next few years. These mega projects are expected to significantly improve infrastructure and attract millions of tourists.

That being said, there is incredible opportunity within the region, especially when you have the right resources and know where to look.

How can ABiQ help you make the right investment decision?

The Middle East is a region of opportunities. ABiQ can help you with your growth plans for the region. How does our solution work?

We use digitalisation and artificial intelligence to provide unique forecasting and data analysis, to help you grow your business in the Middle East.

Data sourcing

We spend time researching by using a wide range of different sources and platforms to gather our data. This enables us to establish an initial connection and understanding of who they are, what they do and who they are connected to.

Data validation

Our research team meticulously validates and cleans-up our data through a variety of ways including site visits, calls and other third-party services such as the chamber of commerce and credit bureau. This ensures the data we provide is trusted and reputable.

Unique AI and analysis

We use our decades of experience to build self-developed and unique forecasting models using artificial intelligence. This translates big data into clear business insights, enabling you to make decisions on your business growth through the power of digitalisation.

Continuous improvement

We continually review and edit our data to ensure it’s up to date and relevant. Our research team and artificial intelligence complements one another to provide contextual and accurate information, leaving you to focus on growing your business by using the opportunities our data brings.

CRM Integration

Connect our intelligence platform directly into your CRM. Your sales team will always have the latest information on high value opportunities at the tip of their fingers. You can save both time and money by having all the information you need at the click of a button.

With our unique networking tool, you can:   

  • Track projects in Africa, UAE, and Saudi Arabia worth over $4 Trillion
  • Access over a million companies in Africa and the Middle East
  • Access company shareholders, subsidiaries, and detailed contact information 
  • Connect with decision-makers and grow your business in Africa and the Middle East
  • Drive your growth strategy across all 54 African countries  

ABiQ helps you make the right investment choice. Contact us today to book a free demo now or register to get free access to a light version of our platform. 

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