What makes a good business intelligence platform? In this article, ABiQ outlines what an effective business intelligence platform should look like.

What is a business intelligence platform?

A business intelligence (BI) platform is a platform that enables a business to gather, understand and visualise data. The company uses the data on a business intelligence platform to make better business decisions. These critical business decisions are taken to ultimately lead the business towards accelerated business growth and higher profits. 

A business intelligence platform is not just about data. A good business intelligence platform is also about validation, verification and insights. A business intelligence platform is designed to help users make better decisions. An effective  business intelligence platform needs to be able to help users gather, consolidate and analyse their data all in one place. The most important thing about a business intelligence platform, however, is that users can visualise the data in a meaningful way. This enables users  to make the right decisions for their businesses.

What should a good business intelligence platform do?

A good business intelligence platform should help your company gather, understand, and visualise your data in a meaningful way.

  • Gather data

An effective business intelligence platform  verified data from multiple sources.

  • Understand data

Understanding data is important. A business intelligence platform should enable you to understand and find the data you are looking for, without a hassle.

  • Visualising data

It’s simply not enough for the data to just be ‘understandable’. A good business intelligence platform needs to be visually appealing. It should have custom and dynamic dashboards to help visualise data.

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