ABiQ explores how algorithms can be used to predict market trends.

Algorithms can predict just about anything. Well programme algorithms can predict what movie you might want to watch next, to when a stock will increase in value. Predictive algorithms are everywhere. Many business intelligence firms use algorithms to predict future market trends. This level of AI-backed business intelligence empowers companies and investors to make informed decisions.

What are market trends?

Previously, market trends were solely to do with stocks, finances and investing. In today’s market, however, a market trend is defined as: anything that alters the market of your business or the potential business environment it operates within. This could be anything from changes in technology, to new regulation. Market trends are important because they enable your business to grow and stay ahead of your competition in a rapidly changing business environment.

Algorithm and market trends

Nowadays, there is an advanced global need for accurate market analysis and prediction. With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), algorithms are used to accurately predict market movements. Algorithms are used to simplify big data into clear, easily understandable data. By using algorithms, a business can accurately analyse any market in a short space of time

How does ABiQ use algorithms?

At ABiQ, we use our extensive experience to build proprietary, self-developed and unique forecasting models using Artificial Intelligence (AI). This enables our team to translate big data into clear business insights, empowering you to make the right decisions to ensure business growth through the power of digitalisation. Our research team uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to provide contextual and accurate information, leaving you to focus on growing your business by using the opportunities our data brings.

At ABiQ, we provide access to much needed market data and analysis covering 68 countries in the Middle East and Africa. We have thousands of companies validated and over one million listed on our platform. You can use this data to target potential customers, partners and connections to help grow your business.

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