ABiQ shares an overview of ongoing infrastructure investments in Africa in 2022. 

Infrastructure investments in Africa

Ongoing infrastructure investments in Africa currently account for more than $1.15 trillion, according to the ABiQ intelligence platform. These ongoing infrastructure investments include:

  • Egypt dominating with a 27.22% share
  • Nigeria allocated with a 12.20% share 
  • South Africa ranking with a10.22% share 
  • Morocco allocated with a 5.90% share 
  • Kenya taking up a 4.95% share 
  • Algeria following closely with a 4.90% share
  • Ghana covering a 4.87% share
  • Ethiopia takes up a 1.90% share
  • Democratic Republic of Congo ranking in with a 1.07% share 
  • Côte d’Ivoire taking up a small share amounting to 0.81% 

Industry investments in Africa

Industry investments in Africa are broken down as follows:

  • The construction sector leads with a 39.30% share
  • Transportation takes up a 21.78% share  
  • Energy’s market share tallies up to 17.35% 
  • Oil and gas accounts for a 12.41% share
  • Manufacturing takes up a 4.41% share
  • Water accounts for a 2.90% share 
  • Chemicals comes in last with a 1.55% share

Infrastructure investors in Africa

The top 5 funders of these ongoing infrastructure projects in Africa are: 

  • African Development Bank: 12.56%  
  • Export-Import Bank of China: 8.42%
  • Gauteng Partnership Fund: 5.31%
  • Standard Chartered Bank of Nigeria: 3.73%  
  • African Finance Corporation: 3.11%
  • The World Bank Group: 3.09% 

Infrastructure contractors in Africa

The top 5 contractors for ongoing infrastructure include: 

  • Orascom construction with a share of 4.18%
  • Alexandria Construction Company with a share of 3.88%
  • Arab Contractors with a 3.70% share 
  • New Africa Construction taking a 3.69% share 
  • CSCEC Egypt with a 2.78% share
  • The Power Construction Corporation of China taking a 1.73% share 

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