World Bank Approves Grant for Ethiopia Groundwater Resilience Project  

On 17 June 2022, Ethiopia’s Ministry of Finance announced that the World Bank had approved a large-scale grant for Phase 2 of Ethiopia’s Groundwater Resilience Project. The World Bank grant totals $210 million.

Ethiopia Groundwater Resilience Project  

In water-scarce regions and during seasons of drought, groundwater is often relied upon by communities and countries. Utilising groundwater can provide secure drinking water, particularly in rural regions. Unfortunately, much of the technologies used to secure groundwater can affect local water resources, leaving to longer term concerns in relation to water provision. The Ethiopia Groundwater Resilience Project aims to improve the sustainability of groundwater resource utilisation. 

Ethiopia Ministry of Finance

“The resource will be used to increase the sustainable access and management of groundwater in the Horn of Africa’s (HoA) borderlands. The Project is part of a regional HoA initiative that aims to strengthen the resilience of targeted communities through the management and collaborative use of the groundwater resources,” stated the Ministry of Finance of The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, in a press release. 

Phase 1 of the Ethiopia Groundwater Resilience Project  

According to the report, three countries and one intergovernmental agency participated in Phase 1. These were: The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, the Republic of Kenya, the Federal Republic of Somalia, and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD).

Phase 2 of the Ethiopia Groundwater Resilience Project  

The Ministry of Finance of The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia went on to outline that: “The Project will also build regional and national institutional and information capacity on groundwater management and help to bring the major actors towards sustainable development and use of groundwater sources. In addition, the project will contribute to build trust and relationships on transboundary groundwater management, as the key resource to increase resilience in the borderlands, helping, in the long term, diffuse tension among HoA countries.” 

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