$592 billion of active transport projects in the Middle East

16 Jan 2023

Saudi Arabia is leading the Middle East with 52% active transport projects. More than half of the $592 billion active transport projects are currently under construction. ABiQ expects a further $110 billion to start construction during 2023.

Following in second place is Iraq, with more than $140 billion in active transport projects. Iraq’s transport projects are predominantly in the rail and aviation sub-sector. In third place is the UAE, with $47 billion in active transport projects.

Resource demand

With the volume growth in transport projects, Engineering and design costs will increase by 70% in 2024 to exceed $1.5 billion.

Construction work on transport projects will employ up to 1.6 million construction workers by the end of 2025—roughly 950,000 workers in Saudi Arabia alone. With construction activity ramping up over the next two years, in addition to labour, engineering and design services, demand for primary construction materials such as concrete, reinforcing steel, and structural steel will significantly increase. By 2026, transport sector projects will spend more than $6 billion on concrete alone. The value of structural- and reinforcing steel will exceed $7 billion in the same year.

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