7 companies & Nigerian government reaffirm commitment to support the goals of the CEDI

20 Sep 2022

According to a US State Department September 2022 press release, the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has signed a letter of intent with seven companies in Lagos. The letter was signed in the presence of US President’s Special Climate Envoy, John Kerry, reaffirming their commitment towards supporting Nigeria’s green energy transition, by investing in clean and affordable energy.

Meeting clean energy targets

“This collaboration will help develop robust, reliable, transparent, cost-competitive, and credible procurement options that comply with labour laws in Nigeria to help meet clean energy targets, increase energy security, and enable corporations to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions,” said the US Department of State.

Clean Energy Demand Initiative

According to the US State Department fact sheet, the Clean Energy Demand Initiative (CEDI) is a platform that promotes public-private partnerships in the renewable energy sector by allowing governments and companies to connect, share clean energy demand and update the platform on their respective clean energy policies.

The platform already has over 75 companies. The seven new companies mentioned in this memo are AB InBev, Akamai, HP, Iron Mountain, Lady Lawyer Foundation, Rife International and Unilever.

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